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Rules & Regulation

  • In order to focus on the academic activities, the Principal and faculty will be accessible to parents on Fridays only. The school office will however, be accessible on all the days. In case of any urgent situation, the Principal can also be contacted on the days other than Fridays. Direct contact with the faculty will not be allowed, permission of the Principal/Vice Principal will be mandatory and such meetings will be allowed in their offices only.
  • The Principal has the full authority to fine, punish, suspend, withdraw or detain/demote any student of any class in the best interest of the institution and the student. The parents/guardians cannot contest/challenge any such decision at any forum including the court of law.
  • Only authorized persons are allowed to meet the students whose names must be intimated to the college in writing.
  • Parents/ guardians are not allowed to meet the students without prior permission of the Principal/Vice Principal.
  • While the institution will take every possible precaution/measure for the security ! of the students, it will not be held responsible if a student leaves the institution without prior permission of the Principal or does not follow the laid down instructions in this regard.
  • Attendance of the complete day-long academic activities including evening coaching session is mandatory for all the students
  • Sequel to the test and interview, if a child is not considered academically suitable for admission in the class for which the admission is requested, then he/she will not be considered for admission in any other class unless the child is re-registered and retested for that particular class.
  • The college does not take any responsibility of delays on any account including postal delays and consequences thereof.
  • The college reserves all the rights to review and increase the admission/registration fee, all the fees/funds, charges and deposits. Consent of parents is not necessary; however a prior notice will be given
  • The college has absolute discretion to regulate the syllabus, course books and other teaching materials for the sake of quality education. The consent of the parents is not required to make any changes in this regard.
  • The consent of parents is not necessary for any decision/action initiated/taken by the College authorities on any matter.