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Curricular Activities

The educational process of an institution is successful only if it has enabled its students to be productive and responsible citizens and patriot Pakistanis enriched with social and human values. To meet this end, co/extra-curricular activities are essential to augment the academic progress of the students and to ensure their intellectual and physical growth for a balanced personality development. These remain essential ingredients of our programme of activities. We maintain a cultural - sport balance by offering many activities outside the sports realm as well. Various club activities and educational trips are spread over the year. Salient activities include:

Preparing Students to Join Armed Forces of Pakistan.

The academic programme at Hillcrest is so designed that it gradually grooms/prepares its students to enable them to join Armed Forces of Pakistan. Moreover, during the 2nd year of Intermediate, a comprehensive programme is run to prepare them for the Entry Tests to join Armed Forces / Professional Colleges.

Spoken English Coaching.

Besides an English speaking culture being strictly followed in the institution, special training is imparted to the students in developing and improving their English speaking skills.

Creative Writing.

While it is essential to enhance students’ knowledge base, equally important is to develop and refine their ability to logically transfer the same to paper. This aspect is aptly addressed at Hillcrest through an organized programme both for English and Urdu.

Social Awareness.

Hillcrest remains focused on the development of balanced personalities of its students. For this purpose, besides academics, social awareness programmes are organized on various aspects of social/cultural awareness.

Study Tours.

In order to create awareness and provide exposure to the students, study tours are organized to various places of national/historical significance.

Colour Days

In order to create dress sense among the students, each Friday is observed as the colour day. The students are required to come to College in coloured clothes. A grand colour day is celebrated towards end of the year which is multi-faceted activity accompanied by a host of entertainment programmes.