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Logo & Motto

The Golden Eagle

    There are hardly few animals which inspire more awe and fascination than the eagle. Witnessing this powerful bird soaring across the sky is truly a sight to behold. They are powerful and graceful. Fearsome predators, yet surprisingly sharp navigators. Since the beginning of the world, mankind has been fascinated by the eagle. Eagles are found in early cultures and older religions as well as national and military insignias. Ancient Roman armies carried golden eagle banners which represented the honour and strength of the empire. Scandinavian mythology is rife with images of the eagle and it was the most cherished bird of the Mongols. It has been the focus of the poets, logicians and thinkers. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the poet and philosopher of Pakistan has used eagle as a prime symbol in his poetry.
    Strength, tenacity, a keen sense of vision, swiftness of flight, intelligence, loyalty and many other celebrated attributes characterize eagles. Owing to the way eagles look and act, they are simply majestic and invincible. They seem to have a look of royalty about them. Another very powerful trait of the eagle is that they are very bold, courageous and powerful. Eagles have literally been seen engaging with poisonous snakes and tearing their heads off with beaks. They have been seen going right through major storm clouds, where most birds will fly away and hide in safety until the storm is passed. They earn their honour from the storms they endure.
    The Eagle was chosen as the insignia of Burn Hall so it may become an inspiration for the young learners to attain the marvelous attributes associated with this feathered friend. Carrying the unparalleled qualities of eagles that glide in the vastness of the sky, not grubbing for worms or scratching for bugs like a pen full of chickens, but soar higher and higher, the Hallians may also live above the level of mediocrity, refusing to let majority shape their standard. It signifies the message of strong will power, resolve to overcome any impediment and scale any height, so they may live up to the College Motto, ‘Quo Non Ascendam’.
    Eagle - the Emblem is a reminder that Excellence is synonymous with Hallians; these three are like hand in glove, a lasting association- the Hallians, the Excellence, the Eagle..

College Motto

    The motto of an institution is the spirit that gives life to every activity planned and passion to each individual involved. Burn Hall, originated with a purpose, blessed with a rich history and honoured with the excellence, truly reflects and lives up to each word of its motto, ‘Quo Non Ascendam, To What Heights Can I not Rise’. These three words carry the vastness of the sky and the depth of an ocean; they own the soul of Burn Hall.
    The history of the motto can be traced back to France in 17 century. First time the motto “Quo Non Ascendet” appeared on coat’s arm of Nicolas Fouquet’ the finance Minister of France. The coat arms of Fouquet’s family traditionally showed a squirrel and bore the motto as symbol of his rapid ascension, “Is there a position to which he will not rise?” The symbol can be found in many rooms and decorations at Vaux-le-Vicomte.
    The impressive monogram with inspirational motto ‘Quo Non Ascendam’ a Latin phrase, stimulates students’ inner capability, their self confidence and ability to do. There is no doubt that Quo Non Ascendam has inspired the Hallians to an extent that for them life is nothing less than excellence and nothing more than soaring like the eagles. The motto is not restricted to the walls of the Campus; it lingers on with the lives blessed to be called Hallians. It is the essence of the poetry of Iqbal, the core of life worth living and the spirit behind success in all domains of life. It is faith in the abilities bestowed, a gratitude for being blessed abundantly and passion to prove the worth of human faculties. One may live countless years, yet they live to the fullest that live with Quo Non Ascendam - live like Hallians, achieving the unachievable, having excellence in perpetuity.