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Dear Alumni! Your College record is available on Website, please spare few minutes to check it and inform us if any correction needed.

Fee Rules

  • The fee, in case of day scholars, must be paid before the 10th of each month, otherwise a late fine of Rs. 30/- per day will be charged upto the end of the month, after which the pupil’s name will be struck off the rolls.Re-admission will be allowed at the discretion of the Principal on payment of full admission fee and other outstanding dues, if any.

  • A transfer certificate will Not be issued until all the dues have been paid upto date

  • No pupil, particularly a boarder, is allowed to sit for any Board Examination or the College Annual Examination unless outstanding dues have been fully paid.

  • Full fee will be charged from new entrant (boarder) for the quarter during which he joins the College. A student who has not attended any recognized school shall pay full tuition fee from the beginning of the academic year.

  • The College dues. From students of outgoing Matric and FSc 2nd Year Class are charged upto the month of May and June respectively for the year in which the students appear in the Board Exams.

  • If the fee, in case of a boarder, is not received by due date of each Quarter (i.e 31st January, 30th April, 31st July, 31st October). A late fee of Rs. 30/- per day will be charged till clearance of the dues. The name of the pupil whose fee is not paid by the last day of the Quarter will be struck off the rolls and will be re- admitted only when the fee including the surcharge and fresh admission fee has been paid in full. Re-admission, however, is at the discretion of the Principal and depends on availability of seats.

  • When remitting the dues the name, class and account number of the student should be stated in the covering letter. This facilitates quick acknowledgement.

Fees of Withdrawal/Transfer Cases

  • Fee for the month during which a student is withdrawn from the College will be charged.

  • Neither College leaving certificate not any other certificate will be issued until all the dues have been paid.

  • Notice of withdrawal during the winter vacation must be given in writing before 31st December, otherwise if a student’s name is transferred to his new class all fee due to him would become payable.