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Application as Day Boarders and Boarders are invited for admission in A Level Classes in Army Burn Hall College for Boys, Abbottabad. Prospectuses are available in College Campus. Entry Test 17 June 2019.

Principal's Message


Welcome to Army Burn Hall College for Boys Abbottabad

Burn Hall traces its history back to 1943 when missionaries from St. Joseph's Society Mill Hill, London, established the Burn Hall School in Srinagar. It was named after an English Manor House, which had a hall with a stream (burn) running through it hence the name 'Burn Hall'. In 1943, the missionaries established Burn Hall School in a rented home in Srinagar, with the motto "Industria Floremus - In Toil We Flourish". In 1948, Father Tijssen set up Burn Hall School in a small hotel building, the Abbot Hotel. Father Scanlon: the first principal of the school along with Borekamp and Mallet were appointed in staff. The Fathers replicated the system and promoted sports and extra-curricular activities such as music, debate, dramatics, and art as a means of character building........Read more ยป



The Faculty